ProtoFascists Living In A Delusion in Fear of a Spartacus Moment

The term Proto means – First. As in – Original; i.e., something from which other things develop. To describe the Gulf Monarchies as being the Original Fascists would be being too harsh on them. It might be better to say that they openly display Fascistic Tendencies in their Outlook on Life and the Perception of their Own Importance on the World Stage, cushioned in the knowledge that the money from their only viable resource will suffice to keep them Generationally Incubated from the Perils of having to Work; with a Compliant, Globally Imported Semi-Slave Labour Workforce that is treated more as an Expendable Commodity and Chattel rather than anywhere near to being treated as Human; a Work-Force that is always kept in Constant Fear and Exploitatively Squeezed Ruthlessly. In the United Arab Emirates, the nonEmirati component, (the Working Class engine that keeps this loose Federation functioning) is an astonishing 90% of the population. (A ratio of 9 Human Beings that are made to serve a single Emirati).

Prior to the 1974 Oil Embargo, when USOil went from $3 per barrel to $30 overnight, the littoral Arabian Peninsula City-States facing the Persian Gulf, which include the Trucial States, (that are today known as the United Arab Emirates), Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain stood as unknown desert backwaters; that just about barely scratched an existence that staved themselves off the edge of starvation by Pearl Diving, Cultivating Palm Leaves, (the importance of which is evident in their collective psyche by the fact that the symbol of the palm tree is prominently displayed on their Currency Notes, Coins and Official Documents), Piracy and Smuggling primarily Gold into and out of British Occupied India, as the entire Arabian coast of the Persian Gulf was Administered by the British Authorities from the Bombay Presidency till 1947. They were unsettled nomadic tribesmen, who pledged allegiance solely to their tribal leaders in a deeply clannish arrangement.

The term “Black Money”, that is widely used within the Asian SubContinent to allude to income that is undeclared and untaxed, derives from the Indian Rupee that was the currency in use within what are now called the Gulf Cooperation Council nations till 1959. The Gulf Rupee, which was an Indian Rupee but printed on red note paper was then introduced from 1959 till 1965, in order to distinguish them from the Indian Rupee used within British Occupied India, which had a more black/darker hue, although both were issued by the Reserve Bank of India. the reason being their smuggling and piratical disposition.

I know what I am talking about as I was born in Bahrain in 1964, when the island nation was under the cosh as a British Protectorate; that is until 1971, when there was a transfer of power, but not so much a transfer of Administration; which, post 1971, was still organised by the British Colonial Authorities, who, in turn, relied heavily on the Auxilliaries of the Indian 8th and 14th Army off the North African and Burma battlefields, [Pakis Had Power Too], much like my Father who was an Indian 8th Army Auxilliary Radio Operator who volunteered from Calcutta in 1944 [Buffalo Soldiers and House Niggas] and ended up in Bahrain in 1948 through a long chain of events leading on from his active role in combat in North Africa in 1944 as an 18 year old, to his deployment in the Palestinian Mandate, which is now the State of Israel, in 1945, his subsequent de-mobbing from the British Army in 1946, to then being uprooted from his ancestral homeland of East Bengal during the riots of The Partition in 1947 and going on to being employed as a Radio Operator again but this time by the International Aerodo Limited in Bahrain in 1948).

(this is my father in 1944 in north africa with the indian 8th army)

(this is a picture of the indian aircraft technicians who maintained the indian 8th army combat flying machines in north africa)

(this is the indian 8th army auxilliaries in bahrain in 1948, who were stationed there after the war in order to keep the supply lines of the British Empire open between London and the Dominion of Pakistan and the Republic of India)

(this is my father in 1946 waiting to be de-mobbed after the war in bahrain)

(this is a picture my father took from the cockpit in 1949. he flew as a radio operator in the seat behind the pilot as they went on rescue missions and they always flew in pairs in case they got lost over the vast desert or one fell out of the sky, the other could fly on and inform about the location of the crash)

This Transfer of Bahrain’s Administration was nominally handed over to the largest tribe, the Khalifas; who then ruled with an iron fist in a velvet glove, (much the same as is the case in the UAE and Qatar). The Khalifa distrusted his own Sunni Arab fellow tribesmen and, in turn, totally despised the Shia Arabs and Shia Persians who also called Bahrain their home for over 250 years.

They brook no quarter nor opposition to their rule, which is organised as a deeply embedded Police State, anchored and modelled along the remit of the Black and Tans, who were employed by the British in the Irish Republic, and later within the Palestinian Mandate as the Palestinian Police. Tactics that were ruthlessly enforced by the likes of Colonel Ian Henderson in Bahrain, who implemented methods modelled along the lines employed by the Empire in Malaya, [EuroFags and Commies]. Henderson learnt the skills of his trade when torturing the Kikuyu of the MauMau Movement in Kenya in the 1950’s, subsequently bringing his vast experience and knowledge to the services of Bahrain in 1966 till 2000, so much so that the British Government had to publicly acknowledge their Kenyan Crimes when the Kikuyu survivors of Henderson took him to Court in London to demand retribution, just prior to his death in Singapore in 2013, where he had retired peacefully after achieving the reputation of being honoured with the title of – the Butcher of Bahrain, for his horrifically pathologically insane crimes of State Repression; which betrayed him to be a highly deviant psychopathic maniac during his 30+ year service as the Head of the Khalifa’s Secret Police.

The population of Bahrain or Bahr-etnain, or Two Waters in Arabic; where Bahr means Water and etnain is Two, was 182,000 in 1964, (today it is close to a million); and, if I go by my Birth Certificate, which has me recorded as Birth Number 256 in the 6th month of that year, then applying a linear count, there would have been just 512 births in that year. Today there are that many people flying in per day per inbound flight.

(copy of birth certificate)

(this is myself and my mother in 1971 in bahrain)

The Gulf Sheikhs’ troubles all started during the mid1970s Oil Boom, where in order to create an example of illusionary development, as in the Emirate of Dubai, that comprises of tall empty buildings, wide empty roads, built off the back of a Massive Chained Asian Slave Labour Workforce who have no rights towards Equal Pay, (let alone the surety of even getting paid), denied HealthCare, WorkPlace Safety, Basic Dignity of Labour and a peculiar Pay Scale that is determined by Nationality; with the highest offerings being given to natural born US Citizens, preferably of the European Persuasion, then Europeans themselves, on to Asians and Africans, (all, for doing the same job). This is much more evident in Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE, which have morphed into ProtoSlave Societies wherein the Gulf Cooperation Council Citizens are paid handsomely for doing near enough to nothing in secured Government Jobs and are encouraged, as well as, conditioned to be staunchly apolitical and pro-Sheikh.

With the exception of perhaps Bahrain, where the Arab and Iranic Shia, and; (who form the majority of the population who are the actual sons and daughters of the soil), and who are firmly kept underfoot and restrained like constrained subjects, as opposed to fully fledged citizens; and live in constant fear of having the rug pulled out from under them at the slightest whim of the Khalifa’s State Authority and thus being deprived of their subject status and subsequently rendered stateless. Although the red Bahraini Passports look exactly similar on the outside, inside the frontcover there is a slight nuance, in that, the Shias have a clause which clearly states that this is a privilege which could be revoked at any time and, also, that they were “subjects” of the Khalifa; whereas the Sunni have no such clause and are thus immune to the fear of ever being denied their citizenship rights.

Bahrain uses revocation of citizenship as a weapon to suppress dissent. Their Police Forces were also the largest buyer of imported tear gas of any nation from about 1981 till about 2011.

Prior to 1971, none of this was the norm. Bahr-etnain was a model society, that had the largest Jewish Community within the Persian Gulf Protectorates. A Jewish Community that spoke Arabic as their first langauge and gave Ms Hooda Noonon as the first ever Jewish Woman Ambassador to the United States from an Arab Nation in 20xy.

A Community that originated from Baghdad and had deep ties with the affluent and progressively forward minded Baghdad Jews of Bombay. It had a Roman Catholic School, Sacred Heart, under the Administration of the Dioceses of the Arabian Peninsula after they were dis-located from Aden in 1932 who threw them out, and they then relocated to Bahrain in 1938, when the Aden Settlement no longer fell under the Administration of British Occupied India. I attended that school from my first day in 1969 till my ‘O’ Levels in 1981.

This seemingly inconsequential island nation had a House of Worship/Lodge for Sindhi Traders and Seafarers that dates back nearly 150+ years, (if not more), that has today been renovated by the State Authority as a Hindu Temple. Bahr-etnain is even thought to be the place refered to as the ‘Garden of Eden’ in the Abrahamic texts, a story that figures prominently in the thesis that constitutes the Old and New Testament.

A mishmash of Hindi/Farsi/Arabic and English was spoken as the language of trade and commerce on the streets, where red Indian rupees changed hands and coin denominations were in annas, (ek anna, dwo anna; one anna, two annas). Bahraini society opened the gates of education for girls and forced families to send their daughters to school.

It had Neighbourhood Health Clinics, (a concept that only became a reality in the United Kingdom under the Labour Government in 1996, some 20+ years later). It had Trade Unions, a National Parliament with Representation from Bahraini Christians and Jewish Women and an influential Leftist Party called the National Liberation Front that was later outlawed, but not before achieving a huge victory in compelling the British to grant the Island Nation Independence in 1971, after a sustained campaign of strike action and Gandhian-inspired Non-CoOperation from 1956 onwards.

It had Arab Shias from Eastern Arabia and Arab Shias who lived along the Persian Coast of Iran, as well Qashquai Tribesmen from the interior of Iran along the Azerbaijan/Armenian borderlands, who spoke Farsi.

There were Catholic Goans from Karachi, Hindu Bengalis from Calcutta, Bori Shia from Surat, Hindus from Kandhahar in Afghanistan, Sindis; both Muslim and Hindu, from Sindh, countless Muslim families from Jaipur in Rajasthan and Jalandar in the Punjab, whose grandfathers left everything behind to start anew in the State of Pakistan post 1947, only to find themselves unwanted as Mohajirs. Balochi families from both Pakistan and Iran.

It had writers, poets, the first Pharmacists of the Persian Gulf; trained in England and Egypt. Free Schools and fairly Advanced HealthCare, all freely provided. Case in point being my own birth in 1964 as a successful Caesarean Section at the Suleymaniyah Womens’ Hospital in Manama, when it was considered to be a specialist procedure that could only be conducted by the capable hands of consultants in the United Kingdom. Doctor Abraham, a lady doctor from Karnataka, who had her own views of White Supremacy and her belief of her own ability as an Indian doctor, with the nurses all being Indian, engaged in the operation with no problems either to my mother, who is 85 years old and still alive and myself even at the age of 58 today.

To give you an idea of how meaningless these present day nouveau rich tribesmen were are these stamps from my Father’s Collection. The above is from the Indian Postage Service of 1923 during King George V’s Occupation of India, overprinted with the word Kuwait so as to be used in that nation. The reason why I say they were meaningless and inconsequential is because the British did not even consider these outposts to be worthy of governing as separate Colonies but rathar found it cheaper to have them governed from India as Protectorates of British India.

Examples of how close they are to India. Below is a stamp in use in Dubai in 1964, where the currency in use was the Indian Rupee, now no longer denominated in annas, as under British Occupation, but in units of Paisa or Naya Paisa or New Pence post 1947. In 1964, the Dubai Emir initiated the currency of Dirhams but during the transition from the Indian Rupee to Dirhams used old postage stamps with the Naye Paisa crossed out and the unit Dh overprinted.

This island, known as Tylos, Dilmun and Awal in the ancient texts, was where the Sumerian Mesopotamian and Indus Valley Civilisation meet each other as can be evidenced from the cylindrical seals that still lie just below the top soil, embedded from over 5000 years in the past. In fact, it was these unique cylindrical seals, which when rolled out on clay left a larger imprint as from a large stamp but were easier to carry as multiple seals could be stored in a bag rathar than carrying large stamps that were heavy in weight. This development of cylindrical seals was a giant leap for humanity’s technological advancement, similar to the invention of the wheel. Infact the evidence of these abundant seals in Bahrain alerted Archeologists to the possibilty of the Indus Valley Civilisation aka Melucha being located in Sindh, which was only unearthed since the location had been lost in time until the Danish discovery of the Dilmun Civilisation in Bahr-etnain in the 1920s.

Where did it all go wrong and why? It all went wrong when money flowed like water and the Trucial States went from riding a camel to riding a cadillac in a matter of weeks and their existence on the edge of starvation bloomed into the mythical paradise of imported plenty and abundance after the 1974 Oil Embargo. A nomadic, tribal people who were happiest when left alone to navigate through the empty desert using the night stars as their guide, suddenly got thrust onto the World Centre Stage, and thus began to lose their bearings and were rendered totally clueless as to the intrigues of modernisation, sedentary living; and a place at the table which did not require guile and thiefing.

It went wrong when America unpegged the USDollar off Gold at $32 per Troy Ounce and hitched it to the Gulf Sheikhdoms in the manner of the PetroDollar. It went wrong with the Revolution in Iran in 1978 and the USSR Intervention of Assistance to the Peoples Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. It went wrong when the call to defeat the Evil Empire of the USSR was signalled from the bastions of US and UK Oil Corporations.

That Call To Jihad to eliminate the Godless Commie Bastards broadcast a rally to every degenerate to congregate in Pakistan as the Freedom Fighting Mujahedin; funded with the unlimited bottomless oil-filled pocket of the Wahabis and Salafists of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the limitless supply of weapons from the Freedom Loving West of Ronald Reagan and Technical Assistance from General Zia who all suddenly began to Dream of World Domination for KSA Style Militant Islam.

Does this not sound familiar to what is evolving within the Ukrainian Crisis?

A war and mindless conflict that soaked Afghanistan in over 40 years of chaos and blood from which they have only just lifted themselves up on one limping foot after expeling the Combined Military Forces of NATO and the USA off from out of their lands. The Iranian Revolution in 1978 required the American Military to station their forces in the Persian Gulf on the Arabian side in order to enforce deep sanctions on the new Islamic Republic as well as to be poised like a tightly coiled spring, lurking everready to initiate an invasion. This required the Trucial States and Bahrain to be compliant and solid servants in their steadfast support for Imperialism, much as Turkey and Pakistan were during the Cold War, as FrontLine States against Communism as both nations shared borders with the USSR.

These GCC nations are basically just villages in a vast expanse of endless sand and being socially primitive, they imported workers as the Sheikh did not trust his own people, whom he bribed and paid off to be subsidised fools, totally beholden and dependant on him for their survival and luxourious grants of favour. The Sheikhs of the Arabian WasteLands, who are illegitimate at best, and, at worst, totally unhinged and without any basis in any logical reason, played the role of the useful idiot in ensuring that the PostWar system based off the PetroDollar remain sustained. However, every time the price of USOil falls, the same Sheikh starts to shiver in cold sweats in 50 degree Celsius heat as he sees his purpose as an useful idiot diminish and his role as a clown be sidelined off the world stage as somebody important. Today, the exorbitant spending since the 1970s requires Bahrain to have USOil at $90 a barrel just so to balance their books and manage the interest payments on their debts, Saudi Arabia needs it at $60 and the UAE is not even sure how large their debt is, as they have turned the Emirate of Dubai into a Gigantic Whorehouse, Circus and Casino in the sandy wastelands of the UAE. Qatar portrays itself as a beacon of sporting excellence by hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in a land where they still do not give citizenship to third and fourth generation Qatari and GCC born Palestinian and Asians kids.

Things are rapidly moving towards a MultiPolar World, away from a post Colonial Western Centric World. This is the actual end of the Cold War and World War 2 and the 1929 Recession/Depression. A Massive Milestone event in World History unfolding upon us as we speak.

[09:19, 26/01/2023] Supratim Barman: Will a flag with a Red Star fly over the Palace of the Khalifa?
[09:21, 26/01/2023] Supratim Barman: yes, very likely. A flag with a Red Star and the Red Crescent of Islam, which will embody Islamic Socialism under the umbrella of International Communism
[09:23, 26/01/2023] Supratim Barman: what will happen to the Khalifa?
[09:23, 26/01/2023] Supratim Barman: he will just be another member of The Peoples’ Committee


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