OnLine Education, $irJi?

WhatsApp University in the Chat Domain. Where Talk is Cheap But; The Cost of Glamour: — Magnifico. This short article is a parody on the anonymity of OnLine Chat via Social Media, primarily WhatsApp, where no one knows who the other person is and you can let your spine drop and the anger and racist contempt hang out. (Perhaps how a particular IT Cell operates).

I wrote this in August 2021, when there was an expectation that the Corona Crisis would mitigate, which sadly, did not happen, thus leading to this currency collapse and surge in Inflation.

(A brief description of the terms which have specific meaning to the people of ex-British Occupied South Asia).

NRI is a Non Resident Indian, which applies in large part to Indian Citizens who work in the Gulf Arab Proto-Slave Autocracies who are given certain Tax Exemption Advantages in order to allow them to remit their Foreign Currency back to the Indian Republic. They pay no taxes within the Sheikdoms as there is no Income Tax Collection Mechanisms within those tribal societies and the Republic does not levy tax on her citizens who work outside the country.

Damchi Babus is a term that was used widely at the time to describe the Americans who were based in Calcutta during WW2; when they would go around the markets and whorehouses and keep uttering something that sounded like — Damchi. What the Americans were squealing in delight was — Damn Cheap; as, and when, they converted the prices in Indian Currency to US Dollars and found the resources easy pickings. Since the population were predominantly unable to read, write and understand English under British Colonial Occupation, to them, the phrase — Damn Cheap sounded like Damchi and the American Servicemen were forever referred to as Damchi Babus, where Babu is a derogatory term in Hindustani to describe the Boss.

Zamindar has its roots in Farsi; and is the composite of two words, Zamin as in Land and Daar as in the Manager. Similar to a Feudal Landlord who oversaw Tenant Farmers and LeaseHolders in preIndustrial Britain.

Dhanda is another derogatory term in Hindustani which indicates a scam, usually in business; which then subsequently propagates itself with the power and backing of the Zamindars.

When you add — Ji as an appendage to a name, it denotes a mark of respect to the person you are referring to. In South Asia, anyone who is a Teacher is called Master or Sir or Madam. Within the context of this exchange, $irJi, (may) refer to the Leader of the Republic who may, (or may not) be an Imperial Agent of the erstwhile East India Company in their efforts to make a glorious comeback into South Asia, riding on the shoulders of the Firepower and Destructive Capabilities of American Imperialism.

Dosa is a favourite lunchtime delight of the more “culturally conscious” ethically savvy, Anglo Yuppie, (the perennial Young Urban Professional — YUP); preparing themselves, as it were, for duty on Empire’s behalf in Financial Resource Extraction from South Asia, and, thereby enamouring themselves in their youth with the ways of the Ethnics, in the hope that they will be tasked with subverting these very same Ethnics within the lifespan of their most exploitative and productive years.

Midnight Delight takes its form from the sudden, severe and un-announced Executive Orders that have become a hallmark of the Current Administration of the Indian Republic.

Hendu, Pakis, Dotheads, Coolies, Ragheads, SandNiggas are all terms lovingly used to describe South Asians within the Anglospheric English-speaking Dominion Nations that are still under the yoke of The City of London, under the boot; as it were, of the Rule of Imperialist Empire. These are fairly common terms within the hypocritical “progressive, ethnic loving” Imperialist Five Eyes Nations.

Burger Bachas is a term commonly used in Pakistan to derogatorily describe the privileged sons and daughters of the Pakistan Military and Collaborators of Imperialism who openly flaunt their power and affluence by living a lifestyle, which includes only eating at expensive Western Franchise outlets in a nation which has rampant poverty and inequality, in a society with a deeply entrenched Vulture Capitalist Economic Model. This term is not widely used in the Indian Republic; which still remains somewhat immune to Rampant Privatisation; but, sadly, it won’t be for too long.

GCC is the Gulf Cooperation Council. A Military and Trade Alliance of the littoral Nations on the Arabian Peninsula of the Persian Gulf.

A SnapShot of a Small Xchange in a Group Chat.

[10:13, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: $irJi and OCI?

[10:13, 8/29/2021] You: Can u throw the USD/INR into the mix as well?

[10:14, 8/29/2021] You: Could u start by telling us what the OCI is please, thank you

[10:14, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Ok sure. OCI is Overseas Citizen of India

[10:14, 8/29/2021] You: Citizen? Overseas? What the heck MasterJi, India does not allow dual citizenship, so what hell is an Overseas Citizen

[10:14, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: I didn’t make it up, $irJi did and he is not the brightest bulb in the box set. Take that up with him

[10:14, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: I am just the messenger trying to explain this to you so could u shut the nonsense up please, thank you

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Ok, so let us begin

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: As the USD/INR becomes worthless vis a vis the dollar the corresponding GDP of India, (marked in dollars) also gets smaller plus every global commodity which is priced in dollars also gets more expensive to import, thus leading to inflation that is then imported from the West into the Republic

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: So the Republic then needs the currency which their White Masters own and use, namely, the dollar, the euro, yen and the great british pound

[10:15, 8/29/2021] You: Who has that currency?

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Hendu-Pakis and Coolies who sell their labour for money in those countries and have acquired citizenship of those nations

[10:15, 8/29/2021] You: But the GCC Coolies also send foreign money which they earn as slaves of those camel jockeys back to the MotherLand

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Yes, but they r not citizens of those sand dune sheikhdoms

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Concept of dual nationality does not apply to them

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Now, $irJi, in another move from the School of the Midnight Delight suddenly reduced the benefits of OCI Coolies dramatically a few weeks back by gazetted notification

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: And the OCI Coolies have taken him to the Supreme Court and the case is being heard

[10:15, 8/29/2021] You: Will those dotheads win?

[10:15, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Yes

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: Why?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Because as the USD/INR collapses and rushes to 77 and inflation booms and the Rupee falls further, $irJi will need the Hendu-Pak’s dollars to support the Rupee and he needs to keep them sweet

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: How will he do that?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: He will give the Hendu-Pak Coolies everything they want, (and more), as OCI SlumLandlord privileges within the Republic as long as they bring in the dollah into the Republic

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: Why should they?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Well in the home of their White Masta in the EngLand, (where they wash dishes and clean cars), the interest rate is 0.5%

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: In the MotherLand it is close to 5%

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: What do these OCI Damchi Babus want?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Well basically they want to”njoy” with the Maid and have her cook as well but only take the Trophy Wife out to the cinema

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: The Wire: Overseas Citizens of India Move Supreme Court Over Centre’s Rules Targeting Profession, Speech

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: The Panel of three appointed by the Supreme Court

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: Is that a nice way to live?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: U mean njoying with the maid but take the wife to the beach? Yes, if u r earning in the dollah as a Coolie in the West, then multiplying it by 77 and spending it in the third world ghetto called “back home” and going –“how much, how much. Oh too much, give me discount” than yes, it’s a very good way to live

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: Does $irJi need these clowns?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Yes, more so now than before as the Rupee gets worthless and the power of the Overseas Coolie (from) India — OCI gets stronger

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: Has $irJi been caught out cold on the boundary rope by these Burger Bachas

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Yes he has because these KKK boys will force him to make amendments to the Constitution to encode their rights rather than have a parliamentary procedure which can be thrown into the bin later by gazetted notification

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: KKK?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Karpet Kleaning Koolies

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: What about the GCC, the Gulf Carpet Cleaners? What about their rights? They r human too

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Well, not really. No one really cares about them. They r just the maid you “njoy with” and use while you take the OCI to the matinee

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: The GCC boys have rights as NRI Damchi Babus and r doing good. Their job is to just keep sending the sandRiyals and the dirhams converted to indian rupees back home while working like a slave for their cameljockey Overlords. They r just a cow to be milked to feed the boys back home

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: The OCI Coolies have access to their White Masta’s currency and they have it in droves

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: $irJi and OCI. Pounds&Paisa. Money talks, bullshit walks

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: Is $irJi the money talking?

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: No he is the bullshit walking

[10:16, 8/29/2021] You: Can u cut this short and wind it up now with a conclusion. We have to get back to our 2-Rupee-a-troll tweet job, (need to pay the bills Uncle, unlike your lazy self, even though we get paid 3 US Cents per tweet and re-tweet)

[10:16, 8/29/2021] Supratim Barman: Sure. Unite under the flag of Composite Nationalism rather than the flag of Zamidars and Money Lenders masquerading as political parties. $irJi will fold his dosa from the left side and ditch you when his Dhanda starts to unravel and collapse

Published by Binu on CounterCurrents on the 2nd of January 2022

2nd of January 2022

OnLine Education, $irJi?


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