Stand With The Farmers Of India


I am Aniketh Brian Madhok from Kolkata, West Bengal, The Republic of India. I am 17 years old and in the 11th Grade. I would like to take this opportunity to present my work in support of the Farmers’ Agitation which is currently on-going in India as of December 2020.

The following are my own SHORT YouTube clips on the Reasons behind the Farmers’ Protest; laying out an Insight into Their Grievances, the Logic of Their Arguments and the Heroic and Principled Stand taken by the Collective.

These related Video Montages are my attempt to untwine and lay bare the Propaganda as against the Actual Facts and to Highlight the Deceitful Lies, with regard to the current Heroic Agitation that is taking place at the Singhu Border, near Delhi.

There are a Total of 8 Parts.

I hope you would take the Time and Effort to View these videos. I’ve made them so as to make people aware that Farmers are not “Khalistanis” or “Anti-National” as portrayed by the TeleVision Media, BJP IT Cell and the Government herself. Their problems are genuine. This moment is perhaps a Turning Point for the Future of My Generation.

Part 1 – Facts on the Farmers’ Protestations
A Highlight as to How the Laws were passed in Parliament and why Farmers are protesting

Part 2 – Facts on Farmers’ Protest
An Exposition of the Fake News circulating on Social Media about the ongoing Farmers’ Protest and the ‘Delhi Chalo’ March by Farmers

Part 3 – Facts on Farmers’ Protest
Highlights of the International Support from Indians and Politicians Overseas

Part 4 – Facts on Farmers’ Protest
Highlights of the Support given by Public Figures during ‘Bharat Bandh’

Part 5A Request…. 
I hope that you would share these videos so that more people are aware of the Facts rather than the Propaganda

Part 6Sunlijiye Kisaano ki bhi Mann Ki Baat | Hear the Farmers
I share the Farmers’ Point Of View here

Part 7Sunlijiye Kisaano ki bhi Mann Ki Baat | Hear the Farmers
This Highlights the anger of Farmers at their mistreatment by the Media and Government 

Part 8Sunlijiye Kisaano ki bhi Mann ki Baat (DON’T MISS THIS!) | Hear the Farmers
Dr. Ritu Singh, a Social Activist who very courageously shows Her Stand and a Farmer who slaps Politicians with Facts

Aniketh Brian Madhok, Kolkata, Republic of India
20th December 2020

Published as Video Montages On The Historic Farmers’ Struggle by on the 23rd of December, 2020


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