Jews in our midst at the Centre of the Universe

There is a misconception, (especially amongst European; predominantly Catholic societies), of a Jewish problem. This goes back to an age of propaganda and cultist beliefs within Europe that reference the disproportionate influence of their unseen hand over the affairs of the world. This false and dangerous notion is especially true amongst the plethora of present day self-proclaimed truth-seekers within US society.

Unfortunately, this fallacy; (often masquerading as truth), of evil machinations of the “men behind the curtain” dominating the scene as part of an evil cabal makes about as much sense as a firm belief in Santa Claus; which in turn, rings a hollow note amongst the people of Asia and the East; who do not spend the cut-off hour of Christmas Eve, waiting patiently adjunct their fireplace hoping for that eminent salesman of corporate finance, (our famously proverbial Father Christmas) to deliver the latest, brand new gadget down the chimney chute, (an urban myth that is so widely propagated in the West) in order to boost calendar year end consumption and spending so as to balance the final accounts of retail and financial merchants.

The problem could well be in the West itself, with its ability to intertwine fact and fiction so finely into a mesh, that over generations, the Revisionists are able to create a myth that makes it impossible to discern between the Truth and the Lie.

The fundamental fact that remains as clear as the day is long is that the 5 Religious Philosophies of the World are ALL from the East and over the course of time have migrated to Europe. Hindu Thought and its offshoot of Buddhist Thinking coupled with the later Abrahamic Faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; are all rooted in Asia.

Another myth, (and unfortunately also a Lie), is that all people of the Jewish persuasion are staunch Zionists and racists. There is a vast difference between being Jewish, a Zionist and an Israeli. It is not for me to go into all that but what I can do is take you through a very cursory pictorial tour of a people who have very deep roots in a city which you may have never heard of, and it may, in turn, go some way towards exposing a history that you may never have been aware of.

The place in question is within the city of Kolkata, in the State of West Bengal within the Indian Republic and the history is one that drapes over the city for over 250 years and is totally intertwined with the history of the SubContinent as it stretches back to that very same SubContinent for nearly 400 years. The city lies on the Eastern Seaboard of the Republic and was the commercial centre and the richest city within the remit of the British Colonial Occupation of the SubContinent. In fact, there were only 2 cities within the Imperialist’s Empire, London which co-ordinated and re-directed the ill-gotten gains of Imperial Expropriation onto itself and Kolkata (then know as Calcutta), from whence the traffic was initiated and administered.

The people in question are the Jews, initially from Aleppo and later from Baghdad, who came with no intention for world domination, in fact they wanted to integrate and live as peacefully as possible amongst the people of their new lands.

From Austria. Amazing exponation of the power of Jazz

(This article is as yet unfinished and will be a pictorial history of the Jewish People of Kolkata, who are as Citizens of India as anyone else within the Republic).

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