The Curious Case of Julian P Assange, Agent Provocateur.


The Indictment dated March 2018

Affidavit Laying Out The Charges Dated December 2017

You can view the link at the top to RT and read the actual US Affidavit against Julian Assange which states the case for their Arrest Warrant against him or you could read the Indictment and Affidavit of the Arrest Warrant here, (above). Both documents are publicly available at Scribd.

When you read it you will realise that the US Case rests on their “assumption” that Assange “may have” published the sensitive documents and includes a specific single charge of “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion” that may or may not have succeeded.

Assange did not hack any US Department of Defence databases, in fact the intercepted chat conversations obtained by the US indicate that he did not even have the ability or skill to unencrypt (hack) the Windows Vista Security Accounts Manager (SAM) database; and that to, to obtain a File Transfer Protocol or FTP password which did not belong to a human but to a machine.

The US case against him is very weak and Assange will be able to fight it in London under the European Convention on Human Rights Act. The Affidavit does however clearly show that it was Manning who wilfully handed over Top Secret Information to someone he “thought” was Assange.

Manning seemed to have been suffering from severe PTSD based on what he saw and did in Iraq and it appears that he needed to exorcise the demons in his conscience. In many ways, he is the innocent in this piece of theatre. However, what he did is a clear Act of Treason as his job required him to be sworn to secrecy.

Assange, on the other hand, manipulatively played and milked Manning for Information that would have been otherwise impossible for a man of Assange’s limited ability to ever obtain.

Fame and the glory as well as being a narcissistic ego-maniac, Assange saw this as an opportunity to travel the world attending conferences and giving speeches, media interviews, meeting women and being feted as some sort of “Hero of Our Times”; with, all the while Manning doing the hard work of evading notice whilst accessing and downloading deeply classified information.

Reading the Affidavit, you being to realise that there was none of the Media Hyped intrigue of deep, complicated, systematic hacking of complex “dark pool” databases by hyper-intelligent, semi-autistic “do gooders”; Fighting for Freedom. The engine behind the WikiLeaks charade was Manning; who used (his/her) position and willingly just handed the data over, which Assange then went on to publish or “leak” into the public domain. (Manning handed over in excess of 780,000 documents).

It will be impossible to convict Assange in the United States of the charge of “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion” as Assange is shown to have failed and been abjectly incapable of hacking anything, (as the Affidavit clearly shows).

What is likely, however, to happen is that Assange will be held by the UK Authorities, allowing him to relentlessly appeal his case in Court. If, during that time, the Conservatives lose the possible upcoming snap election and Labour wins then Assange is home and dry. This will allow the UK to claim “plausible deniability” by having his stay in HMP Belmarsh extended indefinitely. He then just needs to hold out till 2020 with a possible change of guard in the White House. After all, the man spent 7 years holed up in a small room. What’s another few months.

He will go on to write a book, sell the rights to his movie, (which will be a BlockBuster Hit), become a millionaire (just like the Great Socialist Bernie Saunders; who recently released 10 years worth of his tax returns which reveal him to be a wealthy millionaire within the top 1% of US Society), and will quietly disappear. There might even be a 5G video game in it for him.

Manning, on the other hand, is in big trouble; and rightly so, for submitting Classified Documents to a possible “Foreign Agent”, which compromised US Security. Assange was the decoy used by the CIA to identify the leak within the US Armed Forces (Manning). The DoD suspected who the perpetrator was but needed water-tight proof before arresting and convicting Manning. Assange played the perfect role of the Agent Provocateur, the entity that incites the riot and then quietly disappears in the ensuing chaos leaving no clue as to who or what started it all.

In the United Kingdom, the professional “Riot Instigators” are members of the Police Force and Security Services, who honed their skills during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Coincidentally, on the night of the 18th of April, (after I wrote this), riots suddenly breakout unexpectedly in Derry, Northern Ireland, resulting in the death of a 29 year old journalist, Lyra McKee. The trigger that set the fuse remains unknown but comes at a time when the Protestant and Catholic populations of the enclave are starting to unite and make a common stand for closer integration with the Republic of Ireland and thus; to remain within the European Union; in defiance of the rampant British Exit confusion in London.

Supratim Barman, 17th of April, 2019, Kolkata, Republic of India.


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